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Home Backup Generators

With a home standby generator, your family will not be left in the dark. A backup generator for your home will automatically start up during a power outage, ensuring continued operation of major appliances and electrical equipment. Depending on your availability of fuel choices, you can choose a generator which runs on either natural gas, propane, or diesel. A generator provides peace of mind to ensure life at home can go on as normal when the power goes out.

Having a backup generator is not only to avoid inconvenience, but it can also be a cost-effective solution to avoid larger problems from being without power. If your home relies on an electric sump pump to pump excess water from your basement, without power for an extended period, it has the potential to flood your basement. Flooding which could damage to furniture and appliances or cause further problems if mold begins to form. In harsh Canadian climates, being without heat can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also be detrimental for both your health and your home. Water expands as it freezes, so during a cold snap, the water in the pipes on one’s home has the potential of bursting which could cost thousands of dollars to fix. A generator can provide value more than just convenience.

A technical sales representative at Prima Power Systems will provide you with a no obligation assessment which includes determining your power needs, determining the best location for the generator and transfer switch, and give you a full estimate for the generator and installation. There is no size that fits all, but we can design a power generator package tailored to your needs.

Off Grid Generators

Whether you are looking to power your entire home or supplement your power system in the backcountry, Prima Power Systems has off-grid generators available for your needs. We have generators outfitted with solar panels to ensure your battery is always charged when you need your generator to operate. If you have an existing solar system, you will be vulnerable to power shortages during nights or extended cloud cover. In those cases, a generator would be an excellent solution to bridge the gap in your power requirements.

Off-grid generators are available to run prime or standby. Depending on your available fuel source, we have generators powered by diesel, natural gas, or propane.

In remote locations where the utility grid is unstable, it can take multiple days for the power to come on in the event of a power outage. One can reduce their reliance on the energy grid and avoid interruptions by having a backup generator to supply power during periods of unstable utilities.

Knowing what size of generator can be tricky as it is not the same for everyone and it is highly dependent on what loads you have in your home. Sump pumps, sewer systems, electric heat or air conditioning, washer or dryer are all equipment which draws varying degrees of power. By purchasing a generator too small which may be undersized for your needs, it will cause the breaker to trip and the generator to shut off. Some people attempt to avoid that problem by purchasing a generator too large for their needs which can pose a different problem. By consistently running your generator below 50 – 70% of its capacity, this has the potential to cause a build up of unburned fuel and soot in the exhaust system known as wet stacking. This affects the long-time lifespan of your generator system. You can take the worry out of determining generator size by consulting with a Prima Power Systems technical sales staff.

Recreation Generators

Designed to go wherever you go, Prima Power Systems can supply you with inverter generators by Cummins. These generators are light, compact, quiet, and affordable. All backed by the Cummins global brand. These generators are versatile and can be used for campsites, tailgate parties, food trucks, or wherever you need temporary power. Inverters generators provide smooth, stable, and clean power making them an ideal solution for providing power for sensitive electronics.

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