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Server Room Backup Power and Backup Generators for Computers

Computer equipment is very sensitive to sudden increases or decreases in electric power and needs to be protected from power surges and outages. One needs to be supplied with stable and clean power to avoid damaging these sophisticated computer systems. In addition, they simply do not operate without electricity!

The specific requirements for your server backup generator or backup generator for computer systems in your place of business will depend on the size and number of critical systems. For personal computer devices that use central storage, a battery powered uninterruptible power supply may be all that is required, while keeping an entire server room operational will require a more powerful solution.

Our backup power experts will work with your IT team to find a solution that will work for you, reliably and efficiently.

Home Office Generators

Many people are transitioning to working from home. Getting a home generator is no longer to avoid the inconvenience of enjoying the comforts at home, but now having backup power means you no longer have be hampered and interrupted at work when the power goes out. When you are dependent on your computer systems, and particularly when others are dependent on your services, a continuous and stable source of power is essential.

DR 12_6.5 Winco Generator

Lighting and Security Systems

Lighting and availability to security systems are critical for safety and access control during any power outage. A backup generator for your business can ensure a continuous power supply to emergency lighting, CCTV, and other security systems. And for the safety of workers, it is important they have enough lighting in the building to leave the premises safely in the event of a power outage.

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