Where Can I Install My Generator?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a location for a home backup generator. There are installation instructions and local code requirements which dictate where the generator can be placed in relation to a building and other surrounding objects. Local code requirements can vary by region so it’s important to be familiar with the requirements in your area. There are local bylaws which inform people about minimum distances away from neighbour properties and maximum noise allowances which influences where you can place your generator. In addition to local code requirements, following the manufacturer’s recommended installation instructions is extremely important to maintain a safe, professional installation of your power generation system. Failure to do so could void the manufacturer’s warranty and could potentially lead to hazards such as objects or building fires. Some considerations to follow highlighted in the installation instructions are minimum distances away from objects and buildings, minimum distances away from the exhaust output, and minimum distances from openings and/or vents. There also needs to be space left for technicians or maintenance people to service the generator effectively. While you need to satisfy all the safety requirements, you want to place the generator as close to the utility connections as possible. This minimizes the distances for wire and piping which lowers the risk of connection problems and reduces installation costs.

In addition to considering the proximity of objects and structures relative to the generator, you also need to consider the ground on which the generator is placed. In most cases, you’ll need to create a smooth, level surface to place the generator on. Typically, this can be done by pouring a concrete pad or by purchasing a prefabricated mounting pad supplied by the generator manufacturer. While your generator is designed to withstand the outdoor elements, it will need to be placed in areas of your property where water does not commonly pool or snow does not tend to build up. Choosing an appropriate location for your generator will improve the performance of your generator.

There are many safety factors that need to be considered when choosing a location for your generator. As a licensed electrical contractor with many years of experience installing residential generators, a representative of Prima Power Systems can help guide you through the process. We will take care of all permitting and ensure that the installation meets local electrical code requirements to avoid any fines and/or relocation costs. Give us a call today to get started on your home improvement project.