What Kind of Generator Do You Need?

Blue Star Generator Installation

You know you need power and you know why, but where do you start when selecting a power generator? In this article, we’ll look at the different categories of generators, where they are commonly used, and some of the options to consider.

Industrial / Commercial Generators

Generally speaking, generators used for industrial purposes are the most powerful, providing a steady supply of electrical power for large enterprises. They are used as a primary power source for remote sites such as oil and gas, mining, and forestry operations. Industrial generators are also used to provide backup power in situations where power interruptions are problematic, such as time-sensitive processing or essential services. Common uses include food processing plants, wastewater treatment facilities, and computerized manufacturing.

While there are a number of excellent standard industrial generators to choose from, Prima Power Systems also supplies customized generators to meet the unique needs of any enterprise.

Generators are mainly used in commercial situations as a backup system in the event of a power failure. They are designed to automatically start generating electricity when the primary source of power terminates. They are often used in institutional settings like care facilities and schools. Commercial backup generators are also frequently used in situations where a power failure can have significant consequences, such as restaurants, fuel stations, retail stores, and film production studios.

As a backup generator, they can be configured to replace power throughout the operation, or only to specific areas or equipment, and can also be customized.

These Blue Star and Cummins generators are used for industrial and commercial purposes.

Business/Office Generators

Business facilities are usually on a power supply grid, so this type of generator is for backup. Since computer equipment is so sensitive to electrical fluctuations and outages, it’s a serious consideration when buying generators for business or office spaces. When determining backup power needs though, don’t forget about emergency lighting, access control, CCTV, and other safety and security systems.

These Blue Star, Cummins, and Winco generators are great options.

Home and Recreation Generators

Whether it’s your main living space or your playground in the woods, you’ll probably want electrical power. You can choose from options like prime or backup, fixed or mobile, and three types of fuel: diesel, natural gas, or propane.

Even if you live in the city where electrical power is usually reliable, a home backup system gives you peace of mind. The safety and comfort of your family is paramount, but also consider the consequences of losing power to freezers, sump and well pumps, and medical equipment. If you live in an area that typically has cold winters, the loss of heat can also result in burst water pipes.

If you have a home in a remote area (or dream of building one!), we have generators that can provide power for an entire house.

For situations like going to the cabin or backcountry, an inverter generator is your best option. They aren’t quite as powerful, but run much quieter. The Cummins inverter generators, for example, come in 2500 W and 4500 W and provide smooth, stable, and clean power, making them an ideal solution, even for sensitive electronics. They are also lightweight and have carry handles for easy transport and positioning.

Check out these home and recreation generators.

Job Site Generators

To power tools for things like a home reno project or at a site under construction where power is not available, a portable generator is what you need. Portable generators have plenty of power and are easily moved from site to site. Prima Power Systems carries robust and reliable generators built to withstand the roughness of the jobsite.

Have a look at these three job site generators.

For larger jobs or events where you need more power, see the Mobile and Towable category below.

Mobile/Towable Generators

We call generators “mobile” when they are fixed to a work truck, fire truck, or similar vehicle. You can’t pick them up and carry them around like a portable generator, but they’re always with you in your work vehicle. Mobile generators are usually selected based on the type of equipment that needs to be powered.

Towable generators are generally more powerful than mobile generators, and are mounted on a trailer for towing from place to place. These are ideal for construction sites, production filming, or large outdoor events. Towable generators can provide backup power, or be used as the primary power source for days, weeks, or even months.

You’ll find more information about mobile and towable generators here.

Farm/PTO/Greenhouse Generators

Prime and standby generators for the agricultural industry include all of the options above, as well as some speciality products. For example, power take-off generators (PTOs) don’t need fuel, but rather use the power of your tractor to produce an increased power supply.

Cummins generators offer optimized generators for agriculture that have all the basic options necessary to supply power, but without some of the features required in other applications, to help save you money.

If you have questions or want a quote on a generator that meets your needs, just give us a call at 1-604-746-0606. Prima Power System experts are standing by!