Diesel Generators

All the Power You Need 

When you need an independent and reliable source of power, a diesel generator is an excellent option for prime and standby applications. Prima Power Systems supplies diesel generators from 6 kilowatts (6kW) to 2 megawatts (2mW). Diesel generators can be linked to multiple generators in parallel to achieve kilowatts sizes even greater than 2 megawatts. So, whether you need power for your remote cottage on an island or an industrial facility who needs an independent power source, a diesel generator should be something worth considering.

Prima Power Systems provides diesel generators for standby and mobile applications. Diesel generators can be made with a fuel tank on a trailer to have access to power anywhere.

Best Option for Standby at Larger Kilowatt Sizes

For standby power applications greater than 150 kilowatts, diesel generators are often a more cost-efficient solution compared to natural gas generators. While the cost of running a diesel generator over a natural gas generator can be more expensive on fuel, diesel generators have a lower purchase price at larger kilowatt sizes. Because a standby application has a limited runtime, the cost savings on the purchase price can be larger than the difference in fuel costs from operating. In British Columbia, Canada, where our head office is located, the cost of running natural gas can be half the cost of running a generator with diesel. This could change depending on fuel costs in your area. Depending on your application and location, we can create a cost comparison between the two fuel types to determine what is the best choice for you with your intended runtimes and access to fuel.

Onsite Fuel Storage

In certain applications, it is necessary to have a diesel generator, so you have access to fuel onsite and available at anytime. In the event of major earthquakes, floods, or fires, natural gas lines can be disrupted. With a diesel generator over natural gas, you are protected during these major events as long as you have access to diesel fuel delivery.

Fuel tanks for onsite fuel storage are available in standard 24-hour, 48-hour, and 72-hour tanks, but can be customized and sized for any application. The fuel tanks we supply are listed and manufactured under UL142 & ULC-S601 standards for steel above ground tanks, which guarantees that every fuel tank meets the structural and mechanical integrity requirements for mounting a generator set directly on top of the tank.