New Asco Product Announcement

ASCO Power technologies Canada is pleased to announce that they are introducing a new control panel for their 300 series products. This panel will include a number of improvements and benefits for our customers in addition to all the features that were standard in the current group 1 panel. The new control panel will be shipped with all orders entered after September 1st, 2014.

New Features

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI), the LCD is a 128X64 character high resolution back lit display
  • Improved operation information display incorporating L.E.D.’s for both transfer switch position and source availability
  • A soft key that incorporates the transfer switch test and all critical operations into 1 push button (the current action of the key is display on the GUI
  • 3 phase under and over voltage on both the normal and emergency sources
  • Under and over frequency settings for both normal and emergency
  • Can be set for single or three phase operation
  • Load current sensing card, this will display load current on the LCD in addition to both Voltage and Frequency for both sources (Optional)
  • Extended time delay settings for the transfer to emergency time delay, (adjustable from 0 to 60 minutes)
  • Extended Re-transfer time delay (0 to 60 Minutes)
  • Enhanced remote communication module incorporating Modbus TCIP Ethernet connectivity (Optional)
  • Common alarm LED
  • Not in Auto Indicator LED
  • Pre-Transfer time delay bypassed on a normal source failure

The implementation of the new group G control panel will not impact the price. There will be a small increase in enclosure size as we rationalize our enclosures. This increase will not exceed 2” in height, width, or depth. The current group 1 control panel will be available for any orders entered before November 1st, 2014. Please make sure you identify clearly on your order that the switch(s) need to be shipped with the group 1 panel.

ASCO 300 Series Transfer Switches